What to Expect

I want to help you have a REAL marriage. My role in this process is to help you reach your goals. You will define what a REAL marriage is for you and define your terms of success.

To help you on this journey I use a Systems Theory orientation to get an understanding of your strengths and challenges. Interventions are typically from the Systems and Cognitive/Behavioral schools. In addition, I provide you with information from research and other established schools of thought to give you skills you can use to reach your goals.

Systems theory looks at the multiple factors that influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Cognitive-Behavioral theory looks more specifically at the role our thinking plays in influencing our feelings and behaviors.

Sessions are flexible. It has been my experience that most people prefer 1 – 2 hour sessions. Sessions can be as short as 30 minutes. For special circumstances intensive counseling is available. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

You can expect homework with each session. To have a REAL marriage or relationship takes REAL work. Your daily investment of effort will help you reach your goals more quickly.

Please click here for intake forms to fill out and bring with you to the first session.

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