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The following movies are recommended to illustrate particular themes or lessons. Some of these movies have foul language, some have nudity, some have violence, and some are watchable by the family. I do not endorse foul language or violence. Nudity is acceptable in proper places with the proper people so it is acceptable to be nude with your spouse. Let's be real, you are married.

I am recommending these movies because they illustrate situations that real people encounter and which I have encountered in helping people over the years. Please read about the movies and their ratings before viewing and if you will be offended then please do not view the movie. After all, it is your choice.

War of the Roses

For those considering divorce, watch this movie first. Not all divorces go down this road and yet many travel this road even if they don't go as far as the movie. No one needs this pain.

The Story of Us

This film has some foul language though it is realistic for much of society today. The overall message is positive and encourages sticking it out through the rough times of marriage. The ending dialogue is the clincher.

City Slickers

This is an older movie that is supposed to be a comedy and yet it deals with infidelity and faithfulness in marriage. Billy Crystal makes a good case for faithfulness while talking with his buddy on the trail.

The Notebook

This movie illustrates "till-death-do-us-part" commitment.

Cheaper by the Dozen & Cheaper by the Dozen 2

The first movie shows a couple supporting one another's dreams and also has some lessons about priorities. The second one will give you some food for thought about parenting.

Fatal Attraction

This movie illustrates how infidelity is not worth it.

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