Conversation Starters

It is important that we spend time in conversation with our spouses that does not directly relate to the running of our lives. We need to talk about more than who is picking up the milk and who is running the kiddos to practice.


Pick a headline or story from the newspaper and talk about.


Talk about something you heard on the radio. For those of you who listen to NPR this is an easy way to find something to talk about.


This comes in All Ages, Couples, Family, Kids, and Teens versions. It is available at teacher supply stores and on the web.

Conversation Cards

"We have nothing to talk about." Not any more. Get out of your normal conversations with these cards and see what it does for your relationship. Check out: ArtTalk, KidTalk, MusicTalk, ScienceTalk, SportTalk, TableTalk, and TravelTalk. These are also available at

Bible Talk Conversation Cards

Get these at

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