Emotional Stimulation and Sex

Emotional stimulation is often a more powerful determinant of genital function and satisfaction than is touch.” David Schnarch, Ph.D. Passionate Marriage, 2009.

The above statement is important for couples to understand. Emotions matter, to women AND men, when you want to have satisfying sex. It is difficult to have good sex, and sometimes even difficult to just have sex, when you are in a bad mood. Sometimes you have stress from outside your marriage that is causing the bad mood and sometimes it has to do with interactions with your spouse. Treat each other well so that you can move into positive emotions and enjoy each other more, both relationally and sexually.

For those of you who think this does not matter because you have great “make-up” sex, you need to realize that the argument you had produced very powerful emotions and now that you are making up you have flipped the switch on those emotins from negative to positive, resulting in powerful good emotions that fuel good sex.

So from now on remember that there is more than just physical stimulation. Positively stimulate your spouse intellectually, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and physical stimulation becomes much easier. Keep being REAL and you will stimulate your spouse on all of these levels.

Sex: A Wonder Drug?

Sex! What better way to get people’s attention. God made sex and called it good (a bit of an understatement in my estimation). It turns out that sex has benefits other than the good feelings. Read this article from Mark Gungor to see the benefits of sex.

Sex is an important and fun part of a REAL marriage.

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