REAL Love Note Tips

REAL Love Note Tip #158

Today, March 1st, 2018 is World Compliment Day! It is the first Thursday of every March so you can plan for the years ahead also.

Make a love note for your spouse that contains a compliment your spouse will appreciate.

REAL Love notes are an investment in your marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #157

Go to your local newspaper and buy an “end roll.” When newspapers have to change the roll of paper in the presses there is usually a little paper left on the roll and the companies will sell them to you for a small fee. I think I paid $4 for the last one I bought. Now you have a roll of large paper to make really big love note.

You can also use it as a throw away table cloth or for art projects with kids.

Remember, REAL Love Notes are deposits in the love bank.

REAL Love Note Tip #156

This coming Wednesday, October 16, 2013 is Dictionary Day! Give your special someone a REAL Love Note of dictionary definitions that describe what you like, love, or appreciate about him or her. For the fun of it you can make it look like a dictionary and call it “(Your name’s) Dictionary of Words describing the most awesome person I know: (Insert loved one’s name).”

REAL Love Notes are an investment in your REAL marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #155

September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! So today, and each September 19th, give your spouse or special someone a note from your pirate self that lets him or her know that he or she is your treasure. You can make the note in the shape of a treasure chest or put a decorative note inside a small treasure chest to get your point across.

So, be a pirate today and steal your loved one’s heart all over again with a special note about how you treasure him or her.

REAL Love Notes are an investment in your REAL marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #154 & REAL Date Tip #103

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Today’s ideas are easy and a bit corny and yet effective.

For your REAL Love Note, make a note in your special someone’s favorite color. The outside says, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” The inside message is, “I am a fool for you!” Or it could be, “I am still a fool for you!”

The REAL Date Tip is to do something you think foolish (just keep it moral, legal, and ethical). Try curling (yes, the sport on ice) or play Chutes & Ladders or your favorite children’s game. If the weather is nice try playing hopscotch together. You get the idea.

If this is a day for fools and foolishness you might as well be fools together doing foolishness in love together. REAL Love Notes and REAL Dates are investments in your love bank and your marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #153

Happy Thanksgiving! Give your spouse a note listing the top three things about him or her for which you are thankful. Brown or orange card stock are good for this note. Decorate of course with fall and thanksgiving pictures, stickers, and colors. If you have Thanksgiving themed paper then use that. This note works for dating and engaged couples also.

For those not in a romantic relationship, send the above note to a good friend or a number of friends or someone you know who could use some encouragement.

REAL love notes build REAL relationships.

REAL Love Note Tip #152 AND REAL Date Tip #102

Today is the day before school starts here where I live. I know some of you have already sent children back to school, that’s okay you can still use these tips. For all of you who have a spouse who teaches give him or her a note expressing your thanks for their work. Use paper shaped like an apple, a chalkboard, or a ruler. This includes all of you who home school your children. For a date cook your spouse’s favorite meal and make your background music Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher.”

REAL love notes and dates build a REAL marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #151

Today, April 1, 2012 is Global Love Day. Give your spouse a REAL love note to celebrate the day. Make sure to use the color red, either red paper or red ink, and decorate with hearts or flowers. For extra pizzazz attach your note to a small gift of chocolate, flowers, or some favorite of your spouse’s. Remember, REAL love notes are deposits in the love bank.

REAL Love Note #150

Tomorrow, April 20, 2012 is Husband Appreciation Day. Give your husband a REAL Love Note telling him how much you appreciate him. Be specific and you can even use that subject matter as part of the decoration of the note. For example, if he washes dishes then draw some dishes on the front or if he drives the kids around to events put a taxi on the front. Letting him know you appreciate him is a big deposit in the love bank.

By the way guys, everyday is wife appreciation day so act accordingly.

REAL Love Note Tip #149

Send your spouse a text about one of his or her traits you appreciate.

REAL love notes are deposits in the love bank.

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