REAL Date Tips

REAL Date Tip #106

January is National Soup Month. Celebrate by going out to a place, in your area, known for its soup. You can also make a favorite soup at home, send the children to someone else’s house, and eat soup by candlelight.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #105

April is couple appreciation month and jazz appreciation month. Take your spouse to a local jazz club and enjoy good music while enjoying being with each other.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #104

It is October and Fall so take advantage of the activities that come around during this time of year. Go to a local corn maze for a date and follow it up with a hay ride. Be sure to have some hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #154 & REAL Date Tip #103

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Today’s ideas are easy and a bit corny and yet effective.

For your REAL Love Note, make a note in your special someone’s favorite color. The outside says, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” The inside message is, “I am a fool for you!” Or it could be, “I am still a fool for you!”

The REAL Date Tip is to do something you think foolish (just keep it moral, legal, and ethical). Try curling (yes, the sport on ice) or play Chutes & Ladders or your favorite children’s game. If the weather is nice try playing hopscotch together. You get the idea.

If this is a day for fools and foolishness you might as well be fools together doing foolishness in love together. REAL Love Notes and REAL Dates are investments in your love bank and your marriage.

REAL Love Note Tip #152 AND REAL Date Tip #102

Today is the day before school starts here where I live. I know some of you have already sent children back to school, that’s okay you can still use these tips. For all of you who have a spouse who teaches give him or her a note expressing your thanks for their work. Use paper shaped like an apple, a chalkboard, or a ruler. This includes all of you who home school your children. For a date cook your spouse’s favorite meal and make your background music Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher.”

REAL love notes and dates build a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #101

Tomorrow, Friday, April 9, 2010 is National Cherish An Antique Day. Visit antique shops together, share stories about the antiques you already own and most importantly make plans for how you will become antiques together.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #100

Today begins Golden Rule Week. You remember the Golden Rule, “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” It is also National Fun Day. Take your loved one someplace he or she considers fun for your date this week (even if it is someplace you would not normally like to go).

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #99

Go on a drive with your spouse and sing “99 bottles of (insert your favorite bottled beverage here).” Yes, its goofy. So what? See how you can come up with an idea based on just about anything. As soon as I saw it was date tip #99 that silly thought popped into my head. You can do the same.

For those of you who cannot bear to sing that song (I’m one of them) then play checkers, chess, Othello, or some other strategy game where you have to be intentional about your playing to win. As you play a game that requires you to be intentional have a discussion about other ways you can intentionally nuture your marriage.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

REAL Date Tip #97

Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday so it is time for a romantic date with your spouse. What does that look like? You decide. It might be an expensive restaurant or it might be pizza at home by candle light. What is important is that the two of you do something together that you want to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The “R” in REAL stands for “Romanctic” and romance is defined by you as a couple. A romantic couple takes advantage of any opportunity to be romantic. So, let’s be thankful for Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate our marriage in a romantic way.

REAL Date Tip #97

Today, February 4, 2010 is “Liberace Day.” For this week’s date go out for live piano music in the genre of your choice. Picking your spouse’s favorite genre is likely to win you extra points.

A REAL date a week builds a REAL marriage.

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