Marriage Through The Alphabet – C

The “C” is Celebrate. Most of us like to celebrate when there is something to celebrate. If we look for a reason we can find one most days to celebrate something and make it part of our marriage or family. Celebrations are happy and become good memories. These good memories can sustain us when things are not so good. Celebrate as often as you can whether it is a small celebration or a great big celebration. Here is a quick list of ideas to get you started.

  • Your spouse’s (and other family members) birthdays – each month
  • Your anniversary each month
  • Holidays
  • Promotions
  • The weekend
  • A new week
  • New jobs
  • End/beginning of school
  • Accomplishments in extra curricular activities (bowling league, children’s activities, etc)
  • Reaching goals
  • Change of seasons

You get the idea. Celebrate often. If you follow this advice you will have at least one celebration each month. Start celebrating more and see what happens.

Celebrate Special Days

Everyone likes to celebrate and everyone likes to be remembered on special days. Make it a habit to celebrate special days often. The major holidays are a given. Birthdays and anniversaries are also a given. Here is the twist, celebrate your anniversary, your spouse’s birthday and your children’s birthdays every month on the appropriate day. A small celebration each month with a big celebration on the actual day keeps the love flowing year around.

Yes, I know that some have trouble remembering it once a year so how are they going to remember it every month. The good news is that you can put the date in your electronic calendar and have it repeat each month. You can even set it up to send you a reminder. I set mine up to give me an email reminder the day before. You have options.

Each time these days come up is also a good time to reflect or even write down what you appreciate about the person with whom you are celebrating. Once you have written such a list, hold on to it and add to it each month. You also get to review why you appreciate this person which helps keep the positive emotions going. Be sure to let your spouse or child know how much and why you appreciate them so you maintain a REAL relationship.

Start celebrating each month and see what happens. The more you invest in these relationships, the better they will get.

Plan Ahead for Holidays

It is the end of April and Mother’s Day is fast approaching on May 8, 2011. Men, please remember to get your wife a Mother’s day card if she is a mother or is already expecting. Also, send a card to your mother and mother-in-law if they are still with you. Believe it or not, sending a nice card to your mother-in-law is a deposit in your wife’s love bank.

Other holidays are coming this year so start planning now so you can do them up right. Ladies, June 19, 2011 is Father’s day. The encouragement above pertains to you for Father’s day. Please remember birthdays and anniversaries as well.

For you military families, planning ahead is very important as you may need to purchase a year’s worth of cards in advance and you may be dealing with longer postal times from foreign countries. Give yourself time to get your cards and REAL Love notes to your loved ones a day or two early.

Every marriage can be a REAL Marriage. Maintain a REAL mindset and keep working together to have your REAL Marriage.

Happy New Year 2010

Resolve to be (or remain) intentional about your marriage in 2010. It is time to review your faithfulness plan and make 2010 the best year of your REAL marriage so far.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you! Stay tuned throughout the year for information that will help you have a REAL Marriage in 2007. Please tell your friends about the blog and website, send them links, and link to it from your own blog.

I am convinced that everyone can have a REAL Marriage. I am also convinced that the more people who have a REAL Marriage, one that is happy, positive, and growing the better our society will be. Good marriages have a positive ripple effect in a wide array of areas.

YOU can make a better society by having a REAL Marriage and helping others to do the same. Be a marriage investor this year and let’s make 2007 the best year yet for all of us.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Remember the gift you have in your REAL Marriage.

St. Nick’s Eve

Tonight is St. Nick’s Eve.? This is the night that you hang your stockings for St. Nick to fill them.? So tonight is a good night to put out those stockings and to fill them with small gifts for your spouse.

If you are not accustomed to this holiday then maybe you can go out and get a stocking with your spouses name put on it and fill it with small gifts.? Put it out where your spouse will find it tomorrow morning and introduce the holiday to your spouse.? If you have children you can get everyone a stocking and introduce the family to St. Nick’s Eve.

Having fun during the holidays will give you the gift of a REAL Marriage.

Gift Giving

It is the time of year when we think about giving gifts.? If we try not to think about then the advertisers overwhelm us with messages about how their product is the “perfect gift this holiday season.”? Bah humbug!? That’s for the advertisers – not the season.

If you want to know what the perfect gift for your spouse is then ask him or her.? “That ruins the surprise,” you say.? Let’s think about that.? You can give your spouse a gift you know he or she wants and it may not be a surprise or you can surprise your spouse with an unwanted or possibly argument producing gift.? Which of these sounds better to you?

Of course another option is that you have been observing your spouse and know the kind of things your spouse would like to receive as gifts.? You have heard the things mentioned off hand (or sometimes blatantly) and you have paid attention to what catches your spouse’s eye when the commercials are on or you are walking through the store.? You know which page of that catalog keeps getting turned to or which web page has been bookmarked so you know what to buy.?

It is always a good idea to keep a list of things to buy for your spouse.? That way you are not at a loss when the Christmas season, anniversary, birthday, or other reason for giving a gift comes up.? Anytime your spouse says, “That’s cool,” or “I’d like to have one of those,” it is something to put on the list.

Another good idea is to stay within your budget when gift buying.? If you buy your budget watching spouse a gift that breaks the budget then your spouse will worry about the money and not enjoy the gift.? Better to buy that pair of fleece pajamas or that power screwdriver than to buy the diamond tennis bracelet or new bass boat if you really can’t afford the high priced gifts.

Now is the time of year when we think more about gift giving and yet anytime is a good time to give your spouse a gift.? I recommend frequent gift giving of the small variety.? One of my favorites, of course, is REAL Love Notes.? ? These notes are a? small gift with big meaning.? Favorite candies are another fun gift and so are the small, under $5, trinkets that you know will bring a smile to your spouse’s face.? Try a Pez dispenser, jacks, a bouncy ball, or a small stuffed animal.

When giving gifts to your spouse remember:

  1. Listen and observe so you know what to give.
  2. Ask what your spouse wants.
  3. Stay within your budget.
  4. Small gifts are okay.
  5. Give gifts frequently.

So get out there and finish your shopping early so you can give your spouse the gift or gifts he or she really wants.? This kind of gift giving will put the “merry” in your REAL Marriage.

Be Thankful

What are you Thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2006?? It is a good idea to frequently give thought to what we are thankful for and not save it all for one day.? Keep a list and add to it as you get more for which you are thankful.? There is a book titled 14,000 things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipfer which in my view is also 14,000 things to be thankful for.

Since this blog is mainly about marriage I suggest you make a list of things you are thankful for about your spouse.? Keep that list handy and look at it often.? It will help you appreciate your spouse more and help you through those rough times.? I also suggest you share that list with your spouse so that your spouse knows you are thankful for him or her.

Thankfulness is an important part of your REAL Marriage.


We are now less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving.? Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year full of opportunity to do good things in your marriage.?

Be thankful for your spouse and let him or her know it. Give your spouse a REAL Love Note describing your thankfulness.? Have a conversation with your spouse about how thankful you are for him or her and talk about all of the other things you are thankful for this season.

Spend time with others during this Thanksgiving holiday.? Yes, it can be hectic and it is also fun.? Spend time with extended family and concentrate on what you are thankful for about those family members.? And even for those family members who are a challenge to be around, try being the good example as a couple and help each other through that part of the holidays.? You never know when your good example and REAL Marriage will make a positive difference for someone else.

Share.? Share with each other, with other family members, and with strangers.? My son’s school is taking up food and socks at this time.? It is an opportunity to share and an opportunity to teach my son’s.? Many of you? have the same or similar opportunities where you live.

Enjoy the traditions and rituals you have for this time of year.? Memories are made in the following of traditions and rituals.? It is even a good time to start new traditions or rituals if you don’t have any or if you need to tweak the old ones.

Snuggle.? In a large portion of the United States it is cooler, if not downright cold, during this time of year.? Embrace the cold by embracing your spouse and spend some time snuggling.? Snuggling is something for which you can be thankful.

These are just a few ideas.? Feel free to send in your ideas around Thanksgiving so we can all benefit from your experience.? Being thankful and celebrating your thankfulness is good for you and your REAL Marriage.

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