Marriage Through The Alphabet – E

Encouraging is our “E” word. That is no surprise since the “E” in REAL marriage stands for encouraging. This is a manner of speaking to one another. Here are some suggestions about what it means to be encouraging.

  • Use your manners: Please, thank you, excuse me, etc.
  • Speak kindly
  • Be helpful
  • Be truthful
  • Watch your tone, volume, and speaking speed
  • Restate content. “You mean….”
  • Reflect emotions. “You mean…and you feel….”
  • Clarify
  • Give grace or the benefit of the doubt
  • Be aware of context
  • Listen
  • Keep the relationship in mind
  • Speak to others in a way that you would like them to speak to you
  • Give sincere compliments

Most of us could use more encouragement. Sometimes this has to do with what we say to our spouse or another person. At other times it has to do with listening well and taking the time to fully hear our spouse or another person. Simply engaging your spouse in conversation can be encouraging as it provides contact and a sense of sharing in each other’s lives. So take the opportunity everyday to be encouraging to your spouse, it will help you maintain your REAL marriage.

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