REAL Love Note Tip #154 & REAL Date Tip #103

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Today’s ideas are easy and a bit corny and yet effective.

For your REAL Love Note, make a note in your special someone’s favorite color. The outside says, “Happy April Fool’s Day!” The inside message is, “I am a fool for you!” Or it could be, “I am still a fool for you!”

The REAL Date Tip is to do something you think foolish (just keep it moral, legal, and ethical). Try curling (yes, the sport on ice) or play Chutes & Ladders or your favorite children’s game. If the weather is nice try playing hopscotch together. You get the idea.

If this is a day for fools and foolishness you might as well be fools together doing foolishness in love together. REAL Love Notes and REAL Dates are investments in your love bank and your marriage.

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