Marriage Through the Alphabet – B

The word for this entry is Blessing. This is meant to be a positive word so for all of you who have been “blessed out” I am talking about something different. In today’s entry the idea of blessing has to do with things we say and things we do.

Give a blessing to your spouse, loved ones, and even your friends. If you are really bold, give a blessing to the people you meet and do not know. To give a blessing is to wish the best for them. If you want to go all out on blessing someone I recommend you read the book, The Blessing, by Gary Smalley & John Trent. In this book the authors list five elements to a blessing:

  1. Meaningful touch
  2. Spoken words
  3. Expressing high value
  4. Picturing a special future
  5. An active commitment

To be a blessing takes number five from above – an active commitment. It is a commitment of support, loyalty, and love. To be a blessing takes action. Most people do such things once in a while as a normal part of life. Today make a decision to BE a blessing everyday as part of who you are and decide to give a blessing every time you have an opportunity. I can only imagine the difference in our lives, our country, and our world if we lived as a blessing and overcame the curses.

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