Golden Rule Week

April 1-7 is Golden Rule week. The Golden Rule, do to others what you would have them do to you, is a basic biblical principal for having a REAL marriage and a great way to treat all people all the time. While this phrasing comes from the bible, Luke 6:31, it is widely recognized throughout society as (I have to do this) the gold standard for interacting with people.

The Golden Rule is a proactive principle. The idea is to figure out how the other person would like to be treated and then treat them that way – first. The Golden Rule teaches us to be initiators in doing good. Instead of random acts of kindness we are to do intentional proactive positive acts for others.

Many people think they live out the Golden Rule when actually they live the Silver Rule: I will not do to you what I do not want done to me. You do not say mean things to your spouse because you do not want your spouse to say mean things to you. The Silver Rule helps prevent bad actions yet it does not promote positve actions.

Others live the Bronze Rule: I do to you what you do to me. The classic example is the parent who is correcting a child for hitting a sibling and the child says, “He hit me first!” This also happens in marriages when one spouse says, “Treat me like that will you? Let’s see how you like it!” This does not end well.

Finally is the Iron Rule: I do to you before you get a chance to do to me. This is a negative rule. If you do this positively it is the Golden Rule. The Iron Rule is selfish and uncaring. The Iron Rule has no rightful place in a marriage or society.

Spend some time this week figuring out what your spouse would really like and then do it for him or her without being asked. Such behavior is the Loving part of a REAL marriage.

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