REAL Faithfulness Tip #24

Some people are motivated by goals, by having something to gain, or by the positive. Others are motivated by avoiding pain or loss which might be considered negative. Figure out which is your greater motivator and then construct a description which will help you stay faithful.

Positive example: By staying faithful I maintain a great relationship with my spouse, I enjoy the security of our relationship, and the specialness of our exclusivity.

Negative example: By staying faithful I avoid the stress of having to sneak around, the worry about getting caught, and the pain of either trying to repair my marriage or the pain and loss of a divorce.

It turns out that more people are more motivated by the avoidance of pain so which ever way motivates you come up with your reasons and repeat them to yourself daily. If avoiding divorce, alimony, and child support motivate you to stay faithful go with it.

Remaining faithful is essential to your REAL marriage.

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