Divorce Does Irreversible Damage

Research has shown for some time now that marriage has benefits. Research is now showing that divorce is linked to irreversible health damage. See the article here.

Other research has shown the damage to children and many divorced people can share with you the ongoing stress of dealing with former spouses regarding children. Divorce is painful.

The good news is that marriage has benefits and we know what makes for a good marriage. Everyone can learn the skills to have a good marriage. I sum these up with the acronymn REAL. Romance does not have to die in your marriage, it is a state of mind you bring to everything you do with your spouse. Encouragement is a manner of speaking and covers the communication areas of marriage. Adaptability is a way of working together that keeps a “we” mindset focused on success together. Being loving is a habit of doing for each other. Work on these areas and you can have a good or even great marriage. A REAL marriage can keep you healthy.

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