Cooridnate your Calendars

Most of us have multiple things going on each week, especially once children are added to the family. You have work, children’s sports, school, and other activities, fraternal and service organizations, and for many, church/temple/mosque activities. It is easy to double book or to be so booked that you do not spend time together. Each person has a calendar and it gets fuller all of the time. For this reason it is important to coordinate your calendars.

Each week, get together as a couple (or even as a family), pull out the calendars and coordinate with one another. Each person needs to have only one calendar for keeping track of appointments, obligations, and other information. If you have a separate calendar for work, home, and birthdays then it will be hard to keep track of all of the calendars. Find a system that will accommodate your needs be it paper or electronic. The beauty of electronic calendars is they usually allow you to print so you can have it with you and yet it is controlled and stored in one spot.

When you have a weekly meeting like this you can make sure that everyone gets where they need to go and home again. It also allows you to purposefully schedule dates with your spouse, family time, recharge time or whatever you need. It also cuts down on missed events or asking your spouse to lunch on a day when an office lunch is already planned.

Coordinating your calendars will help you be intentional about your REAL marriage.

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