Fix the Economy – Invest in your Marriage

It appears that the economy is becoming a major issue for those running for president. Many Americans are concerned about the economy at this time. One of the things the candidates are not addressing is how good marriages impact the economy. One way to improve our economy is to invest in our marriages.

  • The Federal and state governments spend an estimated $100 billion each year in social services related to divorce and marital breakdown.
  • Marital success is correlated with many measures of social stability – such as better mental and physical health, highter productivity in the workplace, lower crime and less violent crime – and Marriage Education skills are known to correlate with marital success.
  • Parents’ marital stability is correlated with positive outcomes for their children. The positive benefits for children include higher academic achievement, lower teen pregnancy rates, lower rates of delinquency, lower rates of drug and alcohol abuse, and better overall health. Marriage Education fosters marital stability.
  • Research shows that the use of a scientifically valid inventory, such as PREPARE for premarital couples or ENRICH for married couples, has a positive impact on marriage.
  • For premarital couples it has been found that even 8 hours of preparation positively impacts a couples marriage and reduces divorce.
  • This information and specific references can be found in this report. This file is 3MB so it may take a while to download.

Whether you are thinking about getting married or are already married then premarital or marital education is an investment in your marriage, your health, and your bank account. We can save billions of dollars every year by investing in our marriages. Here are a few tips on investing in your marriage.

  • Get premarital education before getting married.
  • Pay for a friend’s premarital education as a wedding gift.
  • Enroll in a marriage mentoring program to be mentored and, if you have been married 5 or more years then consider becoming a mentor couple also.
  • Consider marriage coaching to help your marriage be even better.
  • Attend a marriage seminar, retreat, class, or workshop at least once a year.
  • If you are a blended family then address your special situation with a blended family seminar.
  • Read a marriage related book at least once a year. Click here for a list to get you started.
  • Be aware of other resources. Check the resources section of this website and the blogroll.

The above is a good start for investing in your marriage. You can make a difference in your marriage, your personal economy, and the national economy by investing in your marriage. Invest in your marriage daily and you will build a REAL Marriage.

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