Welcome to REAL Marriage! My name is Jim Maxwell and I started REAL Marriage to help couples have satisfying marriages even in the hectic world of life with all its obligations.

A REAL Marriage is Romantic, Encouraging, Adaptable, and Loving. Every couple can have a REAL Marriage. With REAL action you can make a bad marriage good and a good marriage great.

For more on what a REAL Marriage is like click here.

If you need some professional assistance with your marriage please set up an appointment sooner rather than later. If you have some things you want to work on yourself first be sure to check out the rest of this website for resources, tips, and tools to build your REAL Marriage.

What we Offer

REAL Marriage is dedicated to helping you and your spouse have the best marriage possible. Below are some of the services we offer:
  • Counseling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Seminars, retreats, and workshops
  • Consulting for business, organizations, and churches.


What to Expect

I want to help you have a REAL marriage. My role in this process is to help you reach your goals. You will define what a REAL marriage is for you and define your terms of success.

You can expect homework with each session. To have a REAL marriage or relationship takes REAL work. Your daily investment of effort will help you reach your goals more quickly.


How to get started

Your REAL marriage starts with your REAL action. Look at this article to see what a REAL marriage is all about. You will likely find that you either have done or are doing many of the things to have the REAL marriage you want. Check out the resources page and the blog for tips and reminders to help you get where you want to be.

If you have already tried a number of things and would like some assistance in reaching your goals then call Jim at (360) 635-1422 or send an email here.